Monday, August 16, 2010

"Destroy The Rules" out NOW on beatport - Sketch Records london-

/// WARNING : SIKK BASSLINES CONTAINED IN THIS RECORD ///At Sketch, we take the welfare of our clientele very seriously, so with this in mind we NOW WARN YOU THAT THIS TRACK COULD CAUSE PERMANENT GRINNING IN SOME LISTENERS !Yes, Sketch is back in the ring with another heavyweight release - this is beyond filth....... it's GUTTA !!!!!!!!French fidget producer Trackz welcomes us down into his dark twisted bassment of dreams.... say hello to 'Destroy The Rules' ! Rude, uncompromising bass (almost a language of its own) assault the ears throughout and leaves no-one left alive ! And just when you think you know this track, a whole new world of bass bubbles up from nowhere just to scare the sh*t out of you ! The big noise in Bordeaux, playing alongside Calvertron, Blatta & Inesha + others, Trackz has been busy honing his production skills with releases to date on Hot Small, Sound's Night and Club Bangerz, and we're very excited to let this beast loose on ya.... GET INVOLVED ! Cambridge-based Penny For The DJ has been wowing capacity crowds for a while now with his unique powerhouse sets up and down the country, and his remixes for Sexual Hot Bitches, Pocket Lips, Kid Cola, Kanji Kinetic, Catch Crayons and many more have built him a solid reputation across the scene... it's high-octane, action-packed synth-silly relentless action all the way, keeping order through heavily arpeggiated electro chaos in this, his debut remix on Sketch. Lad done goooooood !'What's the time ? It's time to get... MASSIVE !' Look out, this is gonna BULLY you ! Marc Ballum & Wonky drop crazy-powerful electro bass noises with reckless abandon, bashing insistently on through all the way to somewhere just past sensible - falling heavily into a high-depth dubstep breakdown, this track continues to expand... it's dangerous out there, and this remix occupies a lot of space.........The perfect compliment to this release, Antonio Gregorio returns to Sketch with his unparalleled laser-powered, mega-blastin' electro sound and establishes martial law ! Building on the fantastic 'Roll With U', his Sketch debut on the 'Keep Jackin' Vol. 1 EP', Antonio just tells it as it is.... and we agree!!


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