Monday, August 2, 2010


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the first Sketch EP, 'Keep Jackin' Vol. 1' ! The time has come, we think, for Sketch to get EPic !'Keep Jackin' Vol 1' does exactly what it says in the title... 4 prime cuts of jacking house, perfect for the club, the boat, the Bentley too.... ;-) We welcome back Mudhut to Sketch for this release, kicking us off with the very aptly-named 'Here We Go' ! This is squidgy, bass-wobbling excitement with a cool house sauce on top, summer refreshment at its biggest ! Lay back (metaphorically of course ;-) and think of Ibiza....'This Frequency', the second Mudhut cut, is deep and grooving, roaming and jazzable house - it's actually impossible to keep your head still when you hear this ! Very much the sound of the moment, we're very pleased to be able to grab these 2 Mudhut classics whilst we still can !Taking us into new electronic territory on this release is Brighton duo Toneidle - their innovative take on the electro sound is menacingly wide, making this track an unrelenting tour de force !Heading squarely into warehouse partyland, Antonio Gregorio rounds out this first Sketch EP with a sonic freight train - the synths climb and climb... just don't look down !

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